Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ideas for Animal themed Party

When it comes to planning a kid's party, most people automatically choose popular themes such as the princess or pirate theme. The challenge with these two themes is that they are either too feminine in the case of the princess theme or too masculine in the case of the pirate theme. This makes it difficult for you to cater for the needs of the party guest when both boys and girls are invited. This is where the animal theme excels as it is unisex and there are so many different variations of the animal themes you can choose from. For example you can choose from the jungle animal theme, farm animals, sea life theme, dinosaurs themes etc.
At Beth's Party Supplies Shop, we stock a comprehensive range of animal themed party supplies. Why not take a walk on the wild side with our jungle animal supplies? You can easily recreate the jungles of Africa in your back garden especially if you already have some trees and plants. All you need is some additional plants from your local DIY store. As tropical plants are difficult to find or sometimes quite expensive, a good tip is to buy plants that simply 'look' tropical or exotic like some larger species of grasses and shrubs.

For the table setting, you can co-ordinate the lovely jungle animal tablecover with matching jungle animal design plates and jungle animal party cups. Create a festive look with helium filled metallic balloons tied with strings of ribbon and paper weight to the table. Our Jungle flag banner pack can be used to decorate the fence of your garden, hedges in the garden or to trim along the cake table. Once you have sorted out your decorations, organised the food and cake, the next big thing on the list is your party bags.

At Beth's Party Supplies Shop, we have a range of party bags to fit your budget, from our simple jungle themed loot bags to our paper gift bags. We also offer a range of pre-selected party filler set starting from as little as 85p per set. Alternatively, you can use the jungle animal party cups as your “party bags” by filling them with your chosen goodies, placing each in a clear cello paper and tying each up with a ribbon. If you are good with art and craft, you can even personalise your party cups with craft paper for a more unique look.

Kick off celebrations by handing out animal party hats and Jungle animal blowouts to your party guests. Then let the games begin with “Elephant tug of war” which involves two teams picking their representative “elephants” who stand on either side of a line and try to pull each other across the line whilst their team mate cheer on. The team that pulls the most elephants to their side win. Another good game depending on the age of the guests is to play animal or rainforest sounds and get the kids to guess the correct name. Anyone who guesses the name correctly gets a surprise gift!

We are confident that all your guests will go home blissfully happy with your Beth's jungle animal party supplies!

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